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The new second-generation environmentally friendly composite crusher super active lime

Through the tireless efforts of our plant engineers I plant in May 2007 the second generation of the successful production of environmentally friendly new super active lime compound crusher. This model is the most reliable crusher environmental models, because of the body's own principle can reduce the input of dust removal equipment, crushing granularity than other models to be much smaller and more at the expected size (mm) 200um-0 0-3mm .

    Material from the inlet into the body, fell on the surface of the rotor, the rotor with high-speed rotating spindle, the material thrown to the back panel, due to the special structure of the back plate, and the material down the rebound and inward gathering exercise, to enter the crushing chamber board hit hit back after back panel and press the "Z" shaped as a circular motion along the rotor around until after crushing to a certain size from the discharge port of the cavity.

  The main technical parameters:

Model 7,501,000,125,015,001,750

Yield (T / H) 10-15 20-30 30-45 55-75 75-100

Feed size (mm) 80 100 120 140 160

Motor power (kw) 30 55 90 132 160

Expected size (mm) 200um-0 0-3mm

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